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Sugar: External vs Internal considerations

A week or two ago, I was walking through the grocery store and slowed to eyeball some of the adult Halloween costumes on display.

My eyes scanned and slowed to focus on one particular costume…

A ketchup packet costume.

(Yes, like a packet you might get at a fast food restaurant)

Picture this:

A white boxy piece of scratchy fabric sewn together to generously fit over your entire torso (one size fits all) with a large ketchup label on the front and four parts of the stitching left open for the arms and legs to poke out through.

It also had a relish hat made of green felt and an elastic headband.

I laughed so hard when I saw it, feeling I MUST buy this costume, knowing it’s so funny (at least to me) because, once dressed in this costume, one transforms into an awkward walking rectangle….nearly the antithesis of the sexy-bunny costumes out there.

Anyways, I was laughing telling a friend about this and we were musing over the evolution of costume trends from childhood, through teens and twenties and beyond.

Oy, anyways, there’s my random shout out to Halloween. The opportunities to play out different sides of our personality are endless…

And an entry point to recognize that this time of year is often the mark of a new season in eating.

For some, not much changes at all.

But for others…

The last 8 weeks of the year are often punctuated by a noticeable uptick in sugar.

Take these two things into consideration:

Why sugar consumption is on the up and up:

1.) For some women, it’s simply the availability. Sugar is around more. When the availability is reduced, the consumption is reduced.

This is one area to explore.

2.) For others, there’s some distant promise of a New Years resolution that will clean up the diet in a big way. In these cases some people, whether conscious or not, register this as a “free pass” to pay no attention to eating or to have sort of a “last supper” experience for two months straight.

Another area worth exploring.

One of the interesting things about working with eating, is that some constraints are external, while others are internal. It’s helpful to sort through what’s what.

With love and respect,


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