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What gets in the way of progress

A key to making some wonderful progress with your health and eating has much to do with choosing the right thing at the right time.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Would you take off for a cross-country road trip right before your most important week at work of the year? Would you cook a huge meal for yourself when you know your love will soon be home with your favorite take-out?


Bad timing.

Seems obvious.

But people do this all the time with their eating.

Women with adrenal exhaustion decide to cut all animal protein. Women who still struggle with black-and-white thinking decide to eliminate sugar and carbs or “go keto” (again). Women going through major upheaval in their personal or professional lives sign up for ambitious and time-consuming eating programs.

Is it wrong to do any of these things?


It’s a matter of the right thing at the right time.

When the timing is off, when women are not tracking or able to clearly see the reality of their situation, they can choose the wrong things. And it generally goes poorly.

Other things usually need to happen first (or at least, in tandem with)

Some things have to do with having the body properly prepared, while many others have to do with getting the mind and emotions to a healthy and centered place.

Nutrition, like spirituality, can fall prey to it’s own form of bypassing, ignoring all the human things that still need tending to.

Your own hint is to look out for any repetitive cycles or patterns you don’t like or thresholds you can’t seem to push past. Is it possible that something else may need to happen first?

If there is, I bet working with it would benefit you tenfold…

Something good to muse on…



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