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2017 wrap up & why I’ve been laying low

Every year I set aside a bit of time over the course of a week or two to read through journal entries from the year, look at pictures I’ve taken, and spend some time acknowledging what’s been happening over the past 12 months.

Outside of life at Real Food Wellness, a few personal highlights I’ve chosen to share:

I stood along side many of you, near and far, marching in South Bend on January 21st in support of the Women’s March on Washington and have been astonished by what’s unfolded and surfaced over the past year personally and collectively for women at large, as womens voices around the country emerge in more fullness.

In the Spring, I had the absolute JOY of choreographing and teaching two beautiful women and friends their wedding dance this past Spring and I myself have re-committed to regular dance in my life. I’ve been having so much fun.

I met my nephew Rynn Rafael for the first time in July and re-connected with my brother who lives on the west coast. And in September, one of my closest friends, Sarah, had a baby, Maxim James, which touched me in a way I imagine only a biological sister would be touched seeing her sister enter motherhood.

My love came ‘home’ with me for Thanksgiving with my parents and extended family this year for the first time.

And overall I’ve experienced deepening of intimacy in friendship.

Feeling into this now, am so warmed by these happenings in my personal life.

I’ve also been studying my dreams more seriously and creating a detailed map of my own psyche, tracking the various parts, their relationship with one another, and my relationship with them. All this has been strengthening my consciousness and continues to re-organize much of my inner wiring. Whew – It’s been a lot and also very good.

As far as Real Food Wellness goes, a handful of highlights:

I was nominated for the 2017 West Michigan Women’s Brilliance Awards for my work with Real Food Wellness in the category of “Re-Invention,” which I attended with one of my childhood friends, now lawyer, Angela, and several people from her firm. Also, my friend Kara, who is a writer for the Grand Rapids Magazine, got the go ahead to publish an article about my work in the psychology of eating earlier in the year which was great to get out in print.