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Why Healthy Eating can still lead to Weight Gain

Despite my healthy diet, I am actually GAINING weight.” “I eat well, my but body doesn’t seem to get the hint.” Have you ever experienced anything like this? If can feel like a real head-scratcher at best and incredibly frustrating at worst. Here’s a short trouble shooting check-list when you feel like your body isn’t getting the “healthy weight” memo. Food Sensitivities? Food Sensitivities are real. Certain foods may create an aggravated or inflammatory response in the body that can contribute to an inability to lose weight or even lead to weight gain. Depending on your body constitution (hardy versus more sensitive) you may feel the impact of certain foods more or less. Things to experiment with: Eggs, Soy, Gluten, Sugar, Corn, Peanuts, and Dairy. This can be as simple as cutting out dairy for a few weeks to see how your body responds. IMPORTANT NOTE: Just because food sensitivities exist, does not automatically mean you are sensitive to all these foods. Taking note of sensitivities requires an open mind and non-attachment or assumptions. Under-eating early? Under-eating, specifically early in the day (think between 6am-2pm) then eating your majority of food in the later afternoon/evening can impact body weight. Strike when then iron is hot! That is, eat well when the body will utilize it the most efficiently. Eat well, early. Those that are still caught up in the calorie game are completely ignoring the fact that WHEN we eat is equally important to what we eat. Eating too quickly/Disembodiment/Ignoring signals? Here’s one thing I notice can happen when people are eating healthfully: They consider a healthy meal or healthy food as a get-out-of-jail-free card for disembodied eating. It seems as if once the mind determines, “This food will not negatively impact my weight or my health,” they proceed to fall asleep at the table, stop noticing, and eat. Eating quickly is often paired with shallow breathing, the real culprit here. Shallow breathing leads to a less oxygenated digestive fire. Slow down with that healthy food. Breathe more! Burn more. Now it’s your turn! I’m so curious to hear what your experience has been. Any personal experience that you’ve learned from? With Love & Respect, Laura If you liked this post, you may also like: Avoid these 3 Appetite Suppressing Pitfalls

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