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What your Eating will Teach You (if you let it!)

There's an incredible amount of learning and growth that can you can experience while working with your diet and body.

But if you simply fixate on behavioral change and compliance, (i.e. being a good girl or boy and checking all the right boxes) so much of the potential for learning and growth gets lost.

What I'm saying is, behavioral change does not guarantee personal change, or long-term change.

But if you are up for learning about yourself, trust me, there's so much you'll discover along the way. Working with our eating, bodies, and diet can take us to some fascinating places.

Some "places" may be of no surprise to you.

You might learn what your natural, healthy body weight is (seriously, your legitimate range) or what amount of certain food helps you feel your best or contributes to you not feeling well. For example, green bell peppers give me indigestion, but any other color goes down just fine (the body can be particular that way...)

But often, and less obviously, working with your eating can set the stage for all sorts of deeper insights to emerge.

What I'm sharing today is a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the juicy dimensions working with your health, weight, diet, and eating habits can reveal. Once you understand this, you'll understand why working with your health and eating can heal and transform more than your body.

What you may learn while working with your eating:

  • what you feel you deserve

  • your tolerance for feeling good

  • your tolerance for discomfort

  • your sensitivity or disconnection from sensation

  • how on board you are with Being Here

  • how you navigate ambiguity in your life

  • food sensitivities

  • your trust in your body

  • your body's changing needs at this stage in your life

  • your comfort being seen

  • the natural body & weight

  • issues around self-attack/judgement

  • undernourishment in certain areas of your life

  • how you feel about your sexuality

  • your unique body chemistry

  • how you process inner and outer conflict

  • the ways shadow parts work through you

  • your actual dietary preferences

  • issues around your relationships

  • the wisdom of your symptoms

and more...

Once you understand the range that can be touched, you'll understand why working with your health and eating can transform your body and so much more. Collectively, we need a good imagination to deal with and care for the issues that challenges us most.

With love,


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